Adventures with Nikky

Hi, I’m Nikky and I love adventures!


Sounds a bit vague, right? Yesssss!!! That’s exactly the point! Imagine “adventures” as a blank canvas of locations, scenery, experiences waiting to be discovered. With each day we see, we are gifted an opportunity to unravel a previously ‘hidden’ part of our world. It’s such an exciting privilege and the best part for me is we get to embark on these adventures together!  Yes, you and I! That’s why I started this blog – to share with and inspire you to explore the beauty around you – one post at a time.


Welcome to my blog and consider this your front-seat VIP access to your next adventure.

On this journey with me, you’ll get quality ideas on fun things to do, Interesting places to visit or explore, amazing scenery, useful life hacks, and access to a whole lot more! Whether you’re Indiana Jones level of adventurous, looking to add some fun in your life, or just a fan of interesting, well-curated content, then this is the place for you.


Now – a little about me: I was born with an inquisitive mind and an eye for the good stuff. This might explain why I wanted to know, see more, and generally experience life to the fullest. However, as I settled into my independent years in Nigeria, my 9-5 job made exploring a tad impossible. In 2015, I started a lifestyle blog with my sister and this was to serve as an outlet and; journal where we talk about everything and anything.


After relocating from Nigeria to Toronto, Canada in 2020, my appetite for exploring was rekindled and as I got to explore my new home, I realized my experiences could serve as a guide for others – and so this blog was born. I hope that “Adventures with Nikky” becomes your go-to “directory” when it comes to identifying your next adventure.


Ready to go? Welcome again, get yourself strapped in because this is going to be quite an enjoyable ride! Oh, and ensure you subscribe to get this directly to your inbox.




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