3 Reasons why SFER IK should be in your Tulum Itinerary

I visited SFER IK museum and I was blown away. Generally, when we think of Mexico or from footage in movies, we see nature at its best; high mountains, deep canyons and vast deserts. So when I planned this vacation, I expected much of the same with a dash of good food. What I wasn’t ready for was the beautiful architecture on display! My destination was Tulum – a town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula known for its beaches and relics from the ancient Mayans – and boy, it did not disappoint!


SFER IK - Adventureswithnikky

Genuinely fascinating for me as I mentioned earlier was the architecture on display in this rather laid-back beach town. One of the remarkable beauties is SFER IK; a museum previously known as IK Lab.

With an entrance fee of 10 USD, you are guaranteed a refreshing break from the general ambience Tulum offers while being safe as all COVID-19 guidelines are followed.

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I daresay SFER IK should definitely be on your site seeing itinerary. Here are three reasons why:


1. It encourages you to connect with nature and history while taking a breather from the pace of the world – Considering the past year we’ve all had, this was a perfect way to retreat and restart. I loved the general serene effect; the experience of waltzing barefoot through its 13-foot-high circular glass door (I took my shoes off and dropped all belongings at the door). It seemed like I was doing away with all clutter and stepping in to experience ancient beauty with no care in the world. It was magical!


SFER IK - AdventureswithnikkySFER IK - Adventureswithnikky


2. Now, picture a combination of architecture, art, and nature? Yes, that’s what this museum is about – a perfect combination of all three; so irrespective of your preference, you get served to your full. I was particularly intrigued by the stunning landscape, the textures, forms and the amazing plant that falls from the ceiling. Every single detail was breathtaking.


3. The Instagram-able photos here are endless. I love when an Instagram spot lives up to its reputation, and SFER IK was even more gorgeous in-person.


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In the coming days, I’ll share more from my Tulum, Mexico trip, but till then, do check out my Instagram page to see some more pictures from what was a remarkable adventure.


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  1. Ahhh absolutely gorgeous photos and a lovely post to read. So happy & looking forward to more adventures with Nikky! Well done to you for starting love!

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