12 Places to See Cherry Blossom in Toronto/GTA

When winter melts away, and spring jumps out to take its place, one common occurrence you find is the “cherry blossom” flowers beginning to sprout on trees. For me, it’s a pleasant reminder that a season of fruitfulness is here, and summer is right around the corner.
Blossoms are in peak bloom currently with over 95% of them visible on the trees in most parks, and they all look incredible! Today, I am sharing 12 parks worth a trip to see cherry blossoms in and around Toronto.
Note – A stay-at-home order is still in full effect and I strongly advise you comply with the officials and only visit parks near you for essential reasons such as exercising – taking a walk.
For the second straight year, Toronto officials have closed off access to Trinity Bellwoods Park and High Park’s Japanese cherry, or sakura, trees, due to COVID-19 restrictions. In addition to those two, I have added ten more places to the list.
Cherry Blossom - AWN

1. High Park

Address – 1873 Bloor St W., Toronto

Details – To discourage people from gathering, new fencing was installed. Interested visitors will have to get creative this year to snag the best view.  Fortunately, To urge everyone to stay home and stay safe, the City is offering #BloomAtHome, a 24-7 BloomCam Livestream during the peak bloom period.
Admission: Free

2. Trinity Bellwoods Park

Address – 790 Queen St. W., Toronto

Details – I love this location because you can take a selfie with the blooms and the CN Tower in view. Like High Park, Trinity Bellwoods Park is known to attract a ton of visitors every year, gathering shoulder-to-shoulder to get a picture of the delicate pink and white blossoms.
Admission – Free

3. Centennial Park

Address – 256 Centennial Park Rd., Etobicoke
Details – This is another park with lots of sakura trees in the City.
Admission – Free

4. Broadacres Park

Address – 35 Crendon Dr., Etobicoke
Details – There are roughly 100 trees in the southwest corner of the park.
Admission – Free


5. John P Robarts Research Library

Address – 130 St. George St., Toronto

Details – There are easily over 70 trees outside this facility.
Admission – Free

6. Birkdale Ravine

Address – 1100 Brimley Rd., Scarborough

Details – You can find close to 50 trees near the Centre.
Admission – Free
Cherry Blossom

7. Osgoode Hall

Address –  130 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON

Details – I love the European vibes i get off this location, the transformation during spring is worth checking out.
Admission – Free

8. Woodbine Park

Address – 1696 Queen St. E., Toronto

Details – You will find the trees around the pond.
Admission – Free

9. Cedarvale Park

Address – 443 Arlington Ave., York

Details – The trees are not grouped so you’ll have to explore the park to see them.
Admission – Free

10. University of Toronto Scarborough Campus – Andrews Building 

Address – 1265 Military Trail, Scarborough

Details – Trees grow around the Andrews Building, home of the Science and Humanities wings.
Admission – Campus parking fees may apply

11. Toronto’s Center Island 

Address – 9 Queens Quay W., Toronto

Details – You can find the trees near the fountain on the south side of the bridge but first you have to take a ferry ride.
Admission – $8.19/adult ferry ride

12. Kariya Park

Address – 3620 Kariya Dr., Mississauga, ON

Details – Just outside of Toronto, you can step into a cherry blossom wonderland. Get ready to feel like you are on vacation at this enchanting park.
Admission – Free

If you ever find yourself close to any of these parks or you have the opportunity to watch the live streaming online, I’ll say its 100% worth your time to experience Cherry Blossom.
Click HERE for other adventures in Toronto and i will be sharing some more pictures on my INSTAGRAM.

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