Montreal Guide – 5 Places To Visit In Montreal

Montreal is a city that featured prominently in my list of places to visit in Canada, and although I never prioritized it, I finally found some time in the year and visited from my home in Toronto. This was a pleasurable 5-hour road trip – so you don’t have to worry about flights (if you don’t want to). One thing to note – the dominant languages spoken in Montreal are English and French, so you should get by with knowledge of either.

My mini-vacation lasted four days which, in my opinion, was ideal – just enough to visit places and not too much to get too tired of.


1. Old Port Montreal

Old port Montreal is one of those places you have to check out. The view is amazing, and it is just a great place to relax and hang out. I highly recommend it. I love that you can visit for a cute outdoor date, with friends and family (kids inclusive). There is a myriad of activities for all age groups including taking a ride on the Grande Roue; the tallest Ferris wheel in Canada. You can check out this video of some of the activities I got up to here. Worth noting: this location would most likely be crowded, especially on weekends and public holidays.

Montreal Guide - Old Port


2. China Town

If you do decide to visit Old Port; then I suggest you make a stop at China town on the same day, as they are pretty close. China Town is very vibrant and bustling. If you want a change of scenery; or just want to try some exciting foods, you should hit up the spot. We stopped by for a quick lunch and afterwards had time to see lots of storefronts selling items of clothing, pastries, and of course, more oriental food.

Montreal Guide - China Town



3. Mount Royal Park

If you have been following me well enough, you know I am a sucker for a good view, so it was a no-brainer that Mount Royal was on my itinerary. You have the choice of either hiking all the way or driving and then taking a short hike (I went with this). The hike from the parking lot was less than ten minutes, and the view was breathtaking. You get a good view of the city. Expect to see a lot of joggers, hikers and tourists most especially at the summit of the mountain. It’s a great spot to take memorable photos of the beautiful scenery. Check out this video of the view.


Mount Royal - Montreal Guide


4. Saint Vietur Bagel Shop

I am indifferent about bagels, but a trip to Montreal isn’t complete without a bagel run. I wanted to know what the fuss was about this particular bagel shop, so I visited. There is something about these bagels that is so unique and delicious. The texture was light and fluffy, and the flavours were everything, and it was pretty affordable. There will most likely be a queue, but it goes by pretty quickly. Hundred percent worth the hype.

Montreal Guide - St Vietur


5. Montreal Botanical Garden and Biodome de Montreal

The botanical gardens and biodome are for lovers of greenery and plants. Here you get to explore and learn about plants through themed gardens and greenhouses. This place is home to about 2,500 animals and more than 800 plant species. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit both as tickets were sold out. If you want to experience this, make sure you get your ticket in advance to avoid stories like mine that touch.



Your Montreal guide will be incomplete without these five places.

  1. Old Port Montreal
  2. China Town
  3. Mount Royal Park
  4. St Vietur Bagel Shop
  5. Montreal Botanical Garden

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Have you visited Montreal? Were any of these places on your itinerary or, which one would you love to experience the most? Come chat with me in the comment section.


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