Travelling to Nigeria post COVID – All you need to know.

It’s no longer news that COVID has changed our world. And today we all cherish the moments that once seemed so natural and uneventful. Travelling to Nigeria was not on my immediate to-do list (considering I moved in 2020), but circumstances and events made sure it happened. I didn’t want to give up a chance to see my loved ones again. So off I went!

I recently just got back and, though it was extremely short, it was sweet, packed with love and food. For those who follow me on Instagram , I’ve shared some highlights. However, a constant question I kept getting was about Nigeria entry requirements, so I thought it’ll be a good idea to do a quick post detailing the things to note.

  1. 1. You must have your travel document – I mean this is given, but no harm mentioning it, right? Have your International passport with a visa if required.
  3. 2. Negative PCR test – You will be required to show a pre-departure negative test taken within 72 hours of travel. If you’re in Canada, here’s a link I used to get mine done. – HERE
  4. Note – The PCR tests must be taken within this time frame (not results received). You will be required to present evidence of the negative test result before boarding. Passengers not meeting this requirement may be denied boarding and(or) entry. 

3. Complete the health declaration and self-reporting form via Nigeria’s online International Travel Portal.

4. Upload the negative PCR test results you received after completing step 2 (administered within 3days [72 hours] of departure) to the online portal.

5. Register and pay via the online portal for a PCR test in Nigeria. (to occur two/seven days after arrival). I will advise you to use a Nigeria card because the exchange rate is quite ridiculous using a foreign card. Note – You don’t have to pay. I did to avoid any stress; one of my friends didn’t – and it made no difference at the port of entry (Not sure if that was the norm or they were lucky). My final verdict would be to pay if you can. It cost N50,400.00. Extract from the International Travel Portal’s FAQs states – “As a temporary measure, any passenger that is unable to complete the payment online will be allowed to board the flight if they have a valid COVID-19 negative PCR result. The passenger will be required to pay for the repeat COVID-19 PCR test on arrival in Nigeria.” 

6. A QR code will be sent to the email you provided. (Regardless of whether you pay or not) You are required to have an electronic or hard copy. However, I recommend printing this document taking into consideration your destination country. NOTE: Passengers without a QR code may face longer delays on arrival in Nigeria before exiting the airport.

7. Self Isolation – Luckily Nigerian Government no longer requires self-isolation for fullyvaccinated passengers arriving in Nigeria. All you need is your negative COVID-19 PCR test results (received not more than 72 hours before boarding) and an additional COVID-19 PCR test; done on Day2/7 after arrival. NOTE: Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated in-bound passengers will be required to observe a mandatory 7-day self-isolation in addition to a COVID-19 PCR test on days 2 and 7 after arrival.Day7 test 

8. For fully vaccinated passengers, you’ll be required to take a test on Day 7, luckily for me my trip was pretty short and I was able to use this same result for my trip back to Canada.

9. Pre-Departure Test – If you’re staying longer, you’ll be required to do another test maximum of 72hours before boarding.  

10. Proof of Full vaccination – Depending on the country you’re travelling from, this might be a requirement to travel – so have it handy. However, this isn’t required to enter Nigeria.

Note – A list of approved labs (for testing before travel) is available online HERE. Do not use unapproved labs – they will be rejected by screeners at the airport. The delivery of test results depends on the lab. Some labs may require individuals to pick up a physical copy of the results in person. Many labs email results. Airport screeners will accept both electronic and paper results. However, have printed hard copies if you can do this. One last thing, I’ll advise you to get a contact when you go for your test for easy follow-up if the need arises. 

I hope this post on Nigeria entry requirements were useful. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them all in the comment section. Have a safe trip to Nigeria, don’t forget to take your sunscreen and stay safe.

Lots of love,


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