Graffiti Alley Review – All you need to know

As the name ‘un-subtly’ implies, Graffiti Alley is an alley in downtown Toronto filled with graffiti. However, unlike those splashed in other areas across the town, these wall paintings are some of the most interesting artworks you will see in Toronto. Already notable as one of Toronto’s most iconic tourist stops, Graffiti valley offers enough visual intrigue to keep visitors entertained while strolling for an hour. Worth mentioning that the art displayed in the alleyway constantly changes, so this makes it more exciting as you get to see different things.



753 Queen St W – Foursquare

Graffiti Alley

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How to get there

You can get there by bus or car.


Who should visit

Art lovers – street art to be precise, picture lovers or if you need a pop of color in your life.

Graffiti Alley - All you need to know


What to expect

An alley with lots of street art and graffiti. Don’t forget, It’s just an alley, so it’s surroundings aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the time of the year, it might be a bit crowded. It is surrounded by lots of shops and cafes so you can easily grab lunch afterwards or go shopping.


When to visit

I will recommend visiting in the daytime – you don’t want to be walking down an alley when it’s dark, plus the art is clearer with sunshine anyways. Visit preferably first thing in the morning to avoid crowds.



Bring a camera and wear white – perfect blend with the pop of colours. You’ll take lots of pictures


Graffiti Alley


Price: Free
Address: 753 Queen St W – Foursquare, Toronto.
When to visit: Open all year
Why you need to go: This gem has some of the most unique murals and street art I ever did see! It surely makes a fun backdrop for photos. If you need a pop of colour in your life, you will get more than your fill here. Fortunately, this area is near a great shopping street with amazing coffee shops and restaurants. 






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