Niagara Falls – 5 Things to do in a day visit

Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s touristic spots that should be on your “must visit” list and in this post I will be sharing five things to do when you visit. It took me a while to visit mostly because I knew it was always accessible whenever I was ready.


Thanksgiving Day provided the perfect opportunity as it was a long weekend due to the holiday. The journey from Toronto to the falls lasted about an hour 30 minutes of driving. On arrival, we went straight to our previously booked hotel to freshen up before setting out.


1. Watch the Niagara Falls


First on the list was the main attraction. Niagara Falls. As we approached, my expectation and excitement grew – I probably did my happy dance. My phone camera was ready and I was even more-ready; (if there’s such a thing). It was quite fascinating seeing it online but pictures hold no candle to the beauty of this edifice in its live glory. Natural beauty aside, the wonder of nature hit me; the tremendous force of water, the way it moved, hit the rocks and flowed away peacefully., Everything was breathtaking. It is also a beautiful sight at night as the area is lit up with coloured lights that reflect on the water like a spotlight on a stage. Sadly, we were already exhausted after other activities and didn’t go back to catch this view. Nevertheless, it is worth every minute. Here is a quick video of the fall.


Niagara Falls - AdventureswithNikky


2. Explore Clifton Hill

Still, within proximity of the falls, this is like the central area that houses a lot of game houses and experiences. From riding the Ferris wheel to shooting down zombies, playing amateur golf to reliving your Lewis Hamilton go-kart ability. Did I mention that Niagara falls is a large span of land that doesn’t just house the falls itself, but other games and locations? Think of Disneyland with a dash of Times Square and a waterfall. So yes, where were we? Oh yes, Clifton hill. This has a lot of thrilling attractions, really touristic too. It is lively and entertaining both day and night. I enjoyed just taking in the scenery, people watching and stopping for a treat once in a while. It was so cute and perfect.


Niagara-Falls-AdventureswithNikky-3Niagara Falls - AdventureswithNikky2


3. Play Games

I loved that there were so many side attractions asides from the fall itself. Honestly, I am not sure anyone can play all the games there; we did try to play a number. Get in touch with your inner kid and have some fun. My personal favourites were the Niagara Skywheel, Niagara Speedway and the Maze of Mirrors.



4. Grab Dinner

Ended our day by grabbing dinner at a restaurant. The particular restaurant wasn’t the best so I won’t recommend it but they’re a bunch of other restaurants to choose from all within the same location.


5. Visit Wineries

Who goes to Niagara and not do a wine tasting/tour? Although this was on my list we got tired and couldn’t make it to the winery. There are a lot of wineries to choose from and I am going back to do this alongside every other thing I did. I highly recommend it.

Niagara Falls AdventureswithNikky (6)

There are boat tours to get a closer view of the fall. I wasn’t interested but feel free to check out Hornblowers Niagara Cruises if you are interested.


Looking for somewhere else to visit? Check out this page.


Have you visited Niagra falls? Is Niagara Falls on your list? Let’s chat in the comment section.


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  1. I definitely have to visit Niagara! I never knew there were so many things to so! Most people only show the falls, but this is beautiful! Adding to my list 📝

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